מפעל הבונים כפר הנשיאGypsum, from which drywall is constructed, is an environmentally friendly, natural material, that is used extensively in projects where green building is of value.

Drywall is a durable and relatively inexpensive solution for the creation of interior walls and partitions. It displays a high acoustic ability and is therefore functional in an office environment, in laboratories and in factories.

Drywall can be easily transported around the construction site and its flexible price enables extensive and almost limitless use of it to create niches and decorative walls.

Drywall is very durable and if necessary, can be easily treated if damaged, for a low cost.

The durability of drywall is displayed best in its functionality.

Most anything can be hung from the gypsum partitions: televisions, monitors and screens, kitchen cabinets, office furniture and lab equipment.

In addition, water resistant drywall can be used in bathrooms and wet rooms as a base for pasting tiles.

Using drywall reduces the costs of the project significantly and the final result is as impressive and lasting as that of a regular building brick.

One must keep in mind that gypsum is also used for thermal insulation, is water resistant (green), non-flammable (red) and is fully biodegradable.

MADR Nimrod executes all gypsum and drywall works, including:

acoustic partitions, fire resistant partitions, water resistant works, cement boards and decorative moulding.

All partitions are plastered and painted, as well as sealed, for a perfect finish.


In addition to drywall, MADR Nimrod also installs Villaboard lining.

Villaboard is extremely durable in damp conditions and through temperature changes.

The boards do not contain asbestos, do not develop mold and repel insects.

Boards can be used in exterior walls and wet rooms, as a base for tiles. Villaboard can be painted to clients’ specifications.

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