Anti-Bacterial PVC

פי וי סי אנטיבקטריאליMAADER NIMROD’s experience and successes have established it as a reliable contractor, working with major companies in the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry, high-end research facilities and high-tech companies.

These industries’ core work is based on operating sensitive equipment in unique conditions, in cleanrooms and in labs.

Specific guidelines and abilities are required for the construction of a cleanroom, and as a specialist in the field, MAADER NIMROD provides a cutting-edge, effective solution: anti-bacterial PVC boards.



Cleanrooms require the highest level of sterility, measured by the number of particles per cubic meter. Unique designated systems monitor the moisture and temperature to ensure the conditions needed for the assembly of chips and semiconductors.

Most standard construction materials emit particles, and therefore cannot be used in cleanrooms. MAADER NIMROD installs special PVC boards which do not emit particles, to cover the walls of the room.

The boards have a smooth surface for antimicrobial protection and preventing bacterial adhesion. Moreover, the boards contain an active ingredient to kill bacteria and prevent the development of mold and fungi. PVC boards display durability in a chemical environment and are non-toxic.

The boards are fireproof and work also as a thermal insulator - ideal for cleanrooms. The boards come in a variety of colors, are flexible and significantly lasting compared to other tiles. Also, they can be combined in industrialized elements from gypsum.

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