Acoustical Drywall

טיח אקוסטי

Acoustic plaster is an innovative and convenient solution, easily applied in large spaces where better acoustic conditions are needed. Unlike acoustic ceilings, where ideal application is in spaces with standard ceilings, acoustic plaster can be applied onto high ceilings, without damaging their aesthetics.

Acoustic plaster can also be applied onto walls for optimal acoustic conditions.

Acoustic plaster has many advantages: plaster is sprayed onto the surface, absorbs sounds, displays resistance to moisture and works also as a thermal insulator.

In addition to its practical qualities, it can be used to achieve the designer’s or architect’s vision:

the plaster’s texture is easy to work with, to create decorative designs or maintain an existing one.

Acoustic plaster is efficient in reducing labor times:

by adding color powder, plaster takes on the desired shade for the ceiling or walls, thus reducing paint time and overall cost.

Most importantly - acoustic plaster can be applied in spaces during all stages of construction.

It can be plastered around existing light fixtures - for example, during a renovation - to increase property value.

Acoustic plaster is suited for large spaces where improved acoustic conditions are needs:

  • High ceilings
  • Arched ceilings
  • Reception halls
  • Convention halls
  • Shopping centers
  • Cinemas
  • Museums
  • Community centers

MADR Nimrod is leading this innovative field and gladly assists architects in fulfilling any vision.

The use of acoustic plaster is only one example to the company’s commitment in supplying all ceiling solutions - from the simplest to the most complex.

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