MADR Nimrod
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Haim Weizman St 23, POB 1187, Kiryat Tiv'on

Company Profile

 Finishing work and Construction

M.A.D.R. Nimrod (1996) Ltd was founded and managed by Mr. Deri Moshe and Mrs. Deri Dana. Company CEO is Mr. Rafi Yanai and Deputy CEO Mr. Hananel Sabag.

At first the company specialized in lightweight construction: acoustic ceilings, drywall and various gypsum solutions. Nowadays, MADR Nimrod is an accomplished general contractor, leading prestigious enterprises throughout Israel.

Complete solutions from skeleton to completion

MADR Nimrod provides a wide range of solutions for finishing works and construction: drywall, acoustic ceilings, electricity and wiring, air conditioning and vent systems, flooring and tiles, aluminum works, cladding, fire protection, carpentry, window glazing, piping and so on.

Hundreds of projects throughout the country

To date, the company has completed hundreds of projects in Israel, over millions of square meters.

Highly professional and skilled team

The company employs about 40 permanent employees, all graduates of safety courses (height safety), while also working with an experienced and authoritative sub-contractors.

Reliability and Innovation

M.A.D.R. Nimrod is known as a reliable and dynamic, which leads innovative projects under her hands, using advanced practices and a commitment to a rapid timetable. The company is committed to its customers and to the projects which it is involved, advocates high-quality work, quality control and attentive service throughout all stages of the work.

Company's strengths and abilities

The company's strengths and abilities are expressed in many aspects:

  • Working in a large number of projects simultaneously throughout the country, from north to south. For example, number of projects in construction nowadys - Miguel laboratories in Kiryat Shmona, Ashdod police, and Aordion Mount Hozvim Jerusalem.
  • Ability to meet customer within short time - right after obtaining construction permits, to organize within a few days with a team of workers and subcontractors, in-site office, safety manager and foreman - and go into full work.
  • We’re a commando unit in project implementation - performing projects in a short time scale, in a quality-focused fashion, with an immediate response to any problem, and with a strict adherence to tight schedule. There is no delays in delivery of the projects we carry out.
  • The human factor - teamwork of all employees, the owner, CEO, to the last of the workers. We believe that the way is correlated work of all employees while providing a personal example for all. We believe that the environment should be pleasant, supportive, appreciative, while allowing the expression of everyone. the company believes in listening to anyone while helping in every way - financially, socially, and personally.
  • Company managers and all company staff, see themselves as part of a family, our vision that we apply - "to finish perfect" in every area of society, human relations, work execution, and the community.

Deri Moshe

Owner & Chairman

Deri Dana

Owner & CFO

Rafi Yanai


Hananel Sabag

Deputy CEO
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